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Website Search Engine Optimization

This refers to the technical maneuvers that will expose a certain website to search engine users. A website is said to be the most optimized if: It appears on top of search engine results following relevant high traffic keywords or key phrases. This definition automatically makes obsolete the earlier definitions that SEO REFERS TO THE ART OF MAKING A WEBSITE TOP ON SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGES. This is because a website may top on the SERPS but with useless keywords that do not drive traffic or revenue to the website. You might have heard people who yell after their website tops on Google on some funny keywords such as their website names, people names, etc. The names of these people would be better explained as Fake SEO gurus because that is not what SEO means.

You have to top a website on high-traffic keywords that convert well for you to have done proper SEO on a certain website.

 So what is this website search Engine Optimization Club all about?

Simple: If you need your website optimized on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc, simply join this club. Let us grow together. Members here share ideas, get SEO expertise services, share high traffic and juicy links, and get SEO content that improve their search Engine rankings.

By joining this website SEO club, you are doing the best you can to expose your website on search engines and get free search engine traffic. This is the traffic that converts to sales. Nothing else.


1. Hire the best website SEO experts.

2. Discuss current trending SEO techniques.

3. Get serious relevant links.

4. Get free and affordable website development and SEO offers.

Subscription plans here on our Search Engine Optimization club

1. The free plan: Everyone can join Search Engine Optimization Club for free. The free plan helps users access the SEO forum where SEO specific discussions are carried out. Users do help each other on SEO matters on this plan. This is the place to have your SEO questions answered by so many webmasters across the world. Many of the trending SEO aspects are discussed on this plan.

2. The premium plans: These are the paid plans. Users pay to have access to a premium advantage in addition to what the free plan subscribers can do. These premium plans are in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Benefits of the premium plans:

1. You get a service to add your website which you need to improve search engine rankings.

2. Added website is SEO'd by the founders of Website search engine optimization Club using white-hat SEO services.

3. Your added website will have high quality SEO articles added by SEO content writing hired directly by us. These SEO content writers are located at our office with an an SEO professional supervising them.

4. Your added website will receive high quality editorial backlinks which will help in better search engine rankings.

5. Your added website will receive on-page SEO edits which will help in the best possible search engine rankings.

6. You will be attached to an SEO expert who will be in-charge and responsible for the search engine ranking whether there is Panda or Penguin update of the future.

In summary, the premeum plans will ensure you create a website, and never bother about SEO. Yes, experts at the offices will work on it to your satisfaction.

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